Net Zero: Home Energy Systems

Net Zero energy homes are just like any home except more appropriate in today’s world.   Regular grid-tied homes that are so air-tight, well insulated, and energy-efficient that they produce as much renewable energy as they consume over a year. Occupants virtually receive no energy bill and a carbon-free home.  A Net Zero energy home combines advanced design and superior building systems with energy efficiency and on-site solar panels.   Homes are ultra-comfortable, healthy, quiet, sustainable that is affordable. (1)

In addition, engineers will work hard toward the development of personalized energy units, manufactured, distributed, and installed inexpensively. One can envision for example, Southern States in U.S., Mexico, Australia, purchasing affordable basic systems with all the renewable sun and wind energy available.

Net Zero – Solar Energy Panels

Uniquely, the Net Zero system would consist of rooftop solar energy panels to produce electricity for heating, cooking, and lighting. Not to mention charge the batteries on the homeowners’ electric cars, also, the surplus electricity going to an electrolyzer for future storage. An electrolyzer is a device that breaks down ordinary water into two components, hydrogen and oxygen. (2) Both stored in tanks, at night, the system would shift gears, feeding the stored hydrogen, oxygen into a fuel cell that, ultimately, produces electricity and clean drinking water as a byproduct.

Carbon Free and Climate Friendly

Because global climate change, today’s most pressing issue, and most Americans readily agree in taking meaningful action, making Net Zero homes rate high. Net Zero energy homes are one of the cornerstones of a reduced carbon future, not reliant on fossil fuels. (3) With a zero energy home, you control where your home’s energy comes from with every flip of the light switch.

Net Zero Shaking Up Home Markets

Considering the boom of Net Zero energy US Housing, markets move with lightning speed to update homes. Therefore, most new homes and multi-family residential buildings up to three stories high will include solar rooftop panels beginning in 2020. Net-zero energy homes can produce as much energy as they consume, and built to optimize energy efficiency through airtight construction of roofs, walls, windows, and foundations.   Also, the U.S. has an estimated 5,000 net-zero energy single-family homes today, California may add 100,000 a year to the new housing market. (3)

Zero Energy Homes are Healthier, More Comfortable Homes

Ultimately, your home, made of more than just four walls and a roof. A place of comfort and security, a gathering place for friends, and a sanctuary for your family. Your home should serve to protect you and provide a healthy environment in which to live. Additionally, Net Zero energy homes are built to a higher standard. You’ll breathe the cleanest air, feel the most comfortable temperatures, and enjoy the quietest indoor environment. Also, you will sleep well, knowing that you and your family live in a healthy, comfortable home, free from allergens and toxins. (3)

Glew Engineering

Glew Engineering can assist in guidance with Net Zero Homes, we are accomplished in Thermal and Electrical Management.





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