Thermal Management

Thermal Design of Integrated Circuits and Mechanical Systems

Thermal Design and Management Expertise

[Updated Feb. 7, 2018]

At Glew Engineering, we have expertise in thermal design and thermal management in three areas – at the chip level (design), in IC and LED packaging (Fig. 1), and heat exchangers (traditional mechanical engineering).

To support our expertise, we have made significant investments in software and have licensed copies of three computer aided design (CAD) programs: SolidWorks®, PTC Creo® 2.0 (Pro-E), and Autodesk® Inventor®.  This allows Glew to work with our clients in their preferred CAD program – no translation software is required -alleviating the need to redraw parts in native formats and keeping tolerancing correct.  We have licensed mechanical engineers, non-licensed mechanical engineers (at very competitive rates) and drafters.

The thermal management work we do with our clients is enhanced by finite element analysis (FEA).  Glew Engineering utilizes licensed versions of AutoDesk® Simulation Mechanical and AutoDesk® Simulation Computational Fluid Dynamics to analyze, validate and refine thermal management designs.  With our extensive software, we can model parts, LEDs, and computer chips for radiation, convection, and conduction heat transfer independently or combined.  MathCad® is another tool we use to solve heat transfer differential equations when packaged software is inadequate.

Our clients include those in heavy industries (automobile, tractor, earth movers, etc.), semiconductor manufacturers, lighting (LED) suppliers and members of the legal community.  We can provide support as adjunct members of existing engineering teams, as autonomous designers, or provide second opinions.  Examples of past thermal management client work has included chuck design for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, selecting paste for IC packaging, and electronic component board layout for consumer products.

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Fig. 1


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