Telecom, Datacom, and Fiber Optics

Telecom, Datacom, and Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics cableThese are certain types of TELECOMM and DATACOMM related equipment, mainly fiber optic equipment, which Glew Engineering can offer consulting services in to help solve problems and provide solutions.

Our consultants have many years experience in telecom, datacom and fiber optics world, including aspects such as electronic design automation (EDA) software systems, simulation and circuit design along with modeling. Our consultants are recognized experts in the field of EDA systems, simulation, and modeling. We also have extensive experience with the design of digital and analog IC, with verilog and VHDL analysis, synthesis of digital ICs such as flash memory controllers, analyses and verification of metal interconnects and related process technology.

Considering the many years experience our consultants have, we have had the privilege to analyze such diverse code as EDA software, VoIP software, database schema, mail-list processing software, and stock-brokerage software. We are familiar with a wide variety of source-code repositories including CVS, RCS, Subversion, and Rational ClearCase.

Contact Glew Engineering Consulting today for a FREE CONSULTATION and discover how our team of engineering experts can assit your companies telecom, datacom and/or fiber optics needs.

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