We have the engineering skills, and the latest technology to help design and analyze your products. Use us and you can quickly extend your team’s capabilities with us. Our latest versions of CAD and simulation package, including Solidworks™, CREO™, Inventor™, and Fusion™,  Autodesk Nastran™ keeps your CAD current.


Image of OLED screen pixels

Our Silicon Valley expertise in semiconductor processing, thin films, IC device tear-downs, LED, OLED, solar, and other high technologies common enables us to help you design and analyze capital equipment. Due to our experience, we work with most processes, such as CVD, PVD, etching, CMP, RTP, and many others.


Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court

For decades we have provided consulting support and expert testimony in complex high technology litigation.  We routinely support patent litigation, trade secrets, economic espionage, large-scale disasters, and subrogation cases in venues such as District Court, ITC, PTO, and International Arbitration.

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