Essential Remote Monitoring During Pandemic

Essential Remote Monitoring is essential with the COVID-19 pandemic happening all over the world . Demands on companies and people think and act differently despite challenging odds.

Ventilation Exemption Letter – Mechanical Engineers Help

A Ventilation Exemption Letter could be on the rise after the Shelter in Place /Social Distancing is released.

Engineers Trend 10 New Technologies for Airlines & Airports for 2020

Engineers Develop new Technologies 2019 they are on the  rise for 2019. Here we highlight some of the hot topics that airports and airlines should keep an eye on in the year to come.

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Engineers Design Fluid Inspired Material Coating for Metals

Texture of rusty colorful metal background with a peeling cracked layers of paint. Engineers have developed a new coating strategy for metal that self-heals within seconds when scratched, scraped, or cracked. The novel material could [...]

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Engineers Forge a New Frontier for Solar: Utility Build-Transfer Agreements

Historically, electric utilities in the U.S. have been buyers and sellers, but not producers, of solar energy. Largely due to tax and accounting constraints, vertically integrated, regulated utilities traditionally have entered power purchase agreements (PPAs) [...]

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Net Zero: Home Energy Systems

Net Zero energy homes are just like any home except more appropriate in today's world.   Regular grid-tied homes that are so air-tight, well insulated, and energy-efficient that they produce as much renewable energy as they [...]

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