At Glew Engineering Consulting, our team of engineers, scientists, and consultants have decades of experience with technologies in industries ranging from Semiconductor, Energy, Medical, and Automotive. We offer expertise in the following categories:


Lithography in the semiconductor industry is the process of patterning materials on a wafer to form an integrated circuit. Photolithography uses a source of light to project patterns onto the wafer, either by using an optical mask. There are many steps involved with the photolithography process, including wafer cleaning, photoresist application, soft bake, alignment, exposure, development and hard bake.

Photolithography Engineer

Here at Glew Engineering, our team has a complete understanding of the technology, materials and equipment that are necessary for lithography. With twenty or more years dedicated to their fields, our consultants have experience in all aspects of lithography technology including semiconductor equipment, lithography processes, business development and product marketing, as well as experience with method and process patents.

Our expertise includes areas such as:

  • Excimer Laser Systems
  • High Resolution Patterning: Imprint Lithography, Optical Lithography, Injection Molding, Inspection and Etch
  • LCD Backlights and Roll-to-Roll Processing to Imprint and Resist Materials
  • Photolithography process and equipment
  • Photoresist Ashing
  • Photoresist Technology, Materials and Equipment
  • And More…

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