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At Glew Engineering Consulting, our team of engineers, scientists, and consultants have decades of experience with technologies in industries ranging from Semiconductor, Energy, Medical, and Automotive. We offer expertise in the following categories:

Licensed Mechanical Engineer

To become a professionally licensed engineer, one must complete a rigorous set of requirements to prove his competency, not only in his engineering skills, but also in standards and codes.

Having a mechanical professional engineering (P.E.) license gives an engineer the credentials to prove their abilities and earn the trust of those around them, including prospective clients. Additionally, there are some functions that only a licensed engineer can practice:

  • The preparation and sign and seal of engineering drawings or plans, and the ability to submit these to a public authority for approval
  • Approve and seal engineering projects for private or public clients

At Glew Engineering, we recognize the importance of professional engineers, and our team provides licensed mechanical engineering services. Not only are we knowledgeable in the standards for safety and design, but we are also available for code review. We are happy to provide engineering services where a licensed mechanical engineer in California is required.

We also have engineers who can support your CAD EDA methodology needs for Cadence(TM), Synopsys(TM) and others.  PDK and CDF setup, strong SKILL and PERL programming can help make your engineers more efficient at their work stations.

Additionally, Glew Engineering provides top finite element analysis and modeling (FEA & FEM) by a professional engineer, including multiphysics, stress analysis and fluid dynamics.


For more information on the definition of a professional engineer and professional engineering services, refer to the Professional Engineers Act of the California Business and Professions Code.

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