Dr. Alexander Glew, President

Photo of Dr. Alex GlewDr. Alexander Glew has 30 years experience in the semiconductor and other industries.  His 20 years of practice at Glew Engineering Consulting has included project turn-around, product design, semiconductor device analysis, semiconductor equipment design and analysis, laboratory analysis, IC tear downs, market studies, litigation support, forensics, and many other types of work.

Semiconductor Equipment Expert

Dr. Glew began his career with a decade at Applied Materials in various engineering and technology positions. His roles included product development, project management, engineering management, and supplier quality management. He was also a core technologist, one of 15 in the company, in the area of ultra high purity chemical systems, gas panels, and fluid delivery.

While at AMAT, Dr. Glew worked on the development of the landmark Precision 5000, now in the Smithsonian Institute. Later, he started the customer engineering specials (CES) department of the CVD division, and gained extensive design experience with many aspects of semiconductor equipment; his design skills were tempered by the persistent schedules of semiconductor equipment.  He designed numerous state of the art gas panels and fluid systems which went into production.  Further, he managed the design and drafting group as well as experience in many design projects during his time there. He even managed a supplier quality engineering group and SEMATECH projects before returning to Stanford University.

Materials Science Experience

Dr. Glew holds the Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University, and the B.S. and M.S. degrees in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley. His dissertation was in plasma chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of diamond like carbon (DLC), fluorinated carbon (FLAC), both low k dielectrics.

Mechanical Engineering Experience

Dr. Glew is a licensed professional engineer (P.E.) in California, in the mechanical engineering branch. He practices both mechanical engineering and materials science engineering.  He also performs fiinite element analysis (FEA),  and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and heat transfer.

Expert Witness

Dr. Glew is experienced in providing IP litigation support, including patents, trade secrets and economic espionage.  He has also testified in large scale industrial accidents, technology contracts, and arbitration. He has testified before the Federal District Court, Taiwan High Court, International Trade Commission, and in International Arbitration.  His testimony has contributed to findings of patent infringement, patent invalidity, inequitable conduct, and responsibility for significant damages and permanent injunctions.


He holds four patents, one of which he prosecuted, in the fields of tungsten, chemical vapor deposition, and ultra high purity and high temperature valving, and heaters.

Read on for more information on Dr. Glew as a Litigation Expert.

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