Litigation Support

Litigation Support

litigation_supportAt Glew Engineering Consulting, our team of engineers, scientists, and consultants have decades of experience with technologies in industries such as semiconductor, energy, medical,  fiber optics, telecommunications, energy, turbo-machinery and fuel storage.

There’s no substitute for hiring a qualified engineering expert to assist with your company’s litigation. Accomplished experts provide the scientific clarification and big picture perspective that the legal team needs in order to help guide the legal direction with a mind to the technical details and evidence.

Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

Whether your company is facing pending litigation or you require an engineering expert for upcoming cases, the consultants at Glew Engineering have decades of experience in a number of industries, including semiconductors, energy, medical, fiber optics, telecommunications, turbo-machinery and fuel storage. We provide expertise in the following litigation arenas:

  • Patents and infringement
  • Technology contract disputes
  • Trade secrets
  • Large-scale industrial accidents
  • Insurance disputes

Misappropration of Trade Secrets

Trade secrets, in addition to patents, trademarks and copyrights, are another form of intellectual property that needs to be protected. To be considered a trade secret, the business or technical information must derive some commercial value from not generally being known to others. Glew Engineering has experts in numerous engineering disciplines that have assisted in litigation cases involving trade secrets.

Insurance and Forensics

Glew Engineering provides insurance and forensic engineering services. Our experts have helped recover funds in large disasters, fab fires, chemical spills, equipment damage and similar for insurance and re-insurance.  We have testified in court and arbitration.

Breach of Contract

Glew can help you with you breach of contract as a technical subject matter expert in high technology breach of contract matters.

Literature Searching

Glew Engineering Consulting can perform searches of the scientific literature searching using state of the art proprietary databases to which we subscribe.  If you are an attorney, let us find that key piece of prior art that you are searching for in a patent matter.  We can augment the search that you have already performed from an experts point of view, or we can conduct a search from scratch.  All work is held confidential.

We can also support companies that wish to monitor literature for research, legal, or marketing purposes.

If you are an engineer or manager developing a product and need to understand what has already been published quickly, let our experts help you.  It is most economical and expedient to let Glew Engineering Consulting help you with your scientific literature research needs.

We offer literature searching on a one time basis, or on an ongoing basis.  We can provide monthly or quarterly summaries of published literature in your chosen technical subject matter.  We can also provide daily alerts if needed.

Whether the case is domestic or international, Glew Engineering can provide litigation support and/or expert witness across numerous engineering disciplines. Please contact us for any additional information you may need.

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