Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Consulting

Mechanical engineering is at our core.  Our professional mechanical engineering enables our clients to achieve their goals through uncompromising quality, technical excellence, and personal service.

Whether you need a short-term or in-house consultant, our core team of mechanical engineering consultants can provide the full range of expertise your business requirements.

Mechanical Engineering Experts

Our core team of mechanical engineers and scientists, aided by our allied consultants, have decades of experience with high technology,  industry, semiconductor, energy, medical equipment, and automotive, as well as many others.

We offer expertise in mechanical engineering within the following categories:

Biomechanical engineering and designMachine upgrade designs
3D CAD Modeling with Autodesk Inventor™ and Autodesk AutoCAD™Machine Design
3D CAD Modeling with PTC Creo™Manufacturing Engineering
3D CAD Modeling with Solidworks™Mechanical design and safety
Computational Fluid Dynamics through Autodesk CFD™Medical devices and equipment
Design Review and Design AnalysisMilitary vehicle analysis and design
Finite Element Analysis (FEA or FEM):  Mechanical, structural, thermal, or radiation analysis through Autodesk Mechanical Simulation™Plasma equipment design and modeling
Mathematical Modeling with Mathematica™Reliability Engineering
MetrologySemiconductor Equipment Design
Mass flow control, temperature control,  and pressure control devices. Thermal management
Microfluidic Devices: materials and processes Ultra high purity gas panels and gas delivery

Licensed Mechanical Engineers

At Glew Engineering, we recognize the importance of licensed professional engineers (PE) in many instances that require stamped drawings for building officials or for other reasons. We can provides licensed mechanical engineering, professional engineering, services as you need it. Not only are we knowledgeable in the standards for safety, design, and professional conduct, but we are also available for code review. We can provide the essential PE stamp when a California licensed mechanical engineer is required.

Having a mechanical professional engineering (P.E.) license gives an engineer the credentials to prove their abilities and earn the trust of those around them, including prospective clients.  An unlicensed engineer may not legally offer mechanical engineering services to the public in California and most states.

We encourage civil engineers, architects, and contractors to contact us for your mechanical and plumbing needs, for design and wet stamped drawings.

Broad Scope of Mechanical Engineering


Modern mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science to the analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems and energy.  Mechanical engineering systems are diverse, including automobiles,  process machinery, energy control and distribution, kitchen equipment,  CAD (computer-aided design software) and product lifecycle management to design and analyze.  Our team has extensive experience in providing guidance and engineering in projects such as manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, semiconductor, robotics, medical devices and many more.

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