Medical Robots – Role Expands

Medical Robots High Demand

Medical Robots while in high demand, medical professionals seek hands-free ways to disinfect environments, helping contain the spread of coronavirus . COVID-19. Hospitals in China, for example,

Some countries ordered more than 2,000 disinfection robots moving autonomously around patients’ rooms. Also , Operating theatres, covering critical surfaces with virus- and bacteria-killing ultraviolet light.

The more light the Medical Robot exposes to a surface, the more harmful microorganisms destroyed. In a typical patient room, 99.99 % of all viruses and bacteria are eliminated within 10 minutes. The collaborative robot disengages its ultraviolet light when someone enters the room. These units deployed in Wuhan, where the global pandemic began.

Protecting Staff

The immediate demand for robots has increased significantly with the outbreak of COVID-19. Hospitals buy many more units than before. Many new customers are ordering the UVD robots to fight coronavirus. UV-Disinfection robots operated remotely, protecting staff and patients during the disinfection process. Therefore, Medical Robots freeing up medical professionals for other critical tasks. In addition, Robot units safely distributed hospital material in quarantine zones without personal contact.

Medical Robots serve great potential of support in the current severe coronavirus pandemic. Representing a well-established market with considerable growth potential. Sales of medical robots increased by 50% according to statistics published in World Robot 

Medical Robots Support Other Health Care Environments

Robots support us in many healthcare environments. Also, in the development, testing and production of medicine, vaccines and other medical devices and auxiliaries. The future holds great advances for Medical Robots, not replacing Doctors and Nurses. Perhaps , adding to quality of care and given when some of the mundane duties are fulfilled. We stand at the cusp of a massive shift in the way that we interact with the world and go about our daily lives. Every day, new discoveries continue to make that push. Inevitably toward a future where the majority of work is done not by us mere humans, but by robots instead.

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