Licensed Mechanical Engineers Help You Ditch Suburbia

Licensed Mechanical Engineers Ensure Vehicle Safety and Comfort

The recreational vehicle industry (Fig. 1) is flourishing.  People can use their RVs full time part, part time or travel the country for months at a time. A Licensed Mechanical Engineer (Licensed Mechanical Engineers Role in Manufacturing) makes certain that travel is safe and comfortable at the same time, without missing out on the comforts of home and your favorite kitchen. (Fig. 2)  Recreational vehicles’ kitchens are designed with adequate ventilation to ensure that no fires occur. 


Across that spectrum, the RV industry is enjoying an unprecedented growth.  Who are these RVers? They love the beauty and solace of being outdoors, abiding by no one’s schedule but their own, favoring two-lane highways over interstates and country stores over suburban malls. They relish wildlife and visiting places of historical prominence, embrace the nighttime quiet and find that friendships with total strangers can be forged over a campfire.

Mechanical Engineers Design Coaches with Sideouts

Mechanical Engineers build slideouts for RVs and Travel Trailers to extend living space .  Electric slide outs are powered by an electric motor that drives a gear system.  They are typically used on the smaller and lighter slide outs.  As long as they are not overloaded, they work quite effectively.  However, they do present challenges if they are not engineered and integrated into the coach properly ( Mechanical Engineering Consulting Firm Solves Truck Axle Failure ). 

Mechanical Engineers knows that there are challenges that come along with slide outs as well.  Remember that these expanders are very heavy, and can weigh as much as a ton.  They must maintain a level posture as they extend and retract.  There will always be some type of roller assembly embedded in the outer frame, and it must remain stable as it moves, if not, the floor is susceptible to damage.  The point where the slider meets the RV is the most prone to failure.  The seals can break and severe leakage and loss can be expected. 

Computer Aided Design and Finite Element Analysis Software Improve Vehicle Stabilization

Other concerns for a Licensed Mechanical Engineers are better stabilization, steering control, and towability.   Mechanical Engineers have the knowledge and computer aided design software (CAD) to perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on stationary and moving vehicles, taking into consideration wind and uneven roadways.


Luxuries in an RV or Travel Trailers

We know how advanced RV and Travel Trailers have become, everything including the kitchen sink.  Newer models Licensed Mechanical Engineers have been able to engineer tankless water heaters, and solar panels (Fig.3) than can help capture energy for the batteries in a Vehicle ( Solar Efficiency ). Other amenities are standup showers, gas stoves, bigger refrigerators, WiFi, and light weight materials for cabinets to help with weight of RV/Travel Trailer.  Newer models sleep more people in a smaller amount of space.  A Licensed Mechanical Engineer can add just about anything (Fig 4) one can think of with their knowledge of space, math, mechanics, plumbing, their imagination is boundless.

Ditching Suburbia is easier than ever and you can thank your Liscensed Mechanical Engineer! 

Fig. 1 Enjoying the Wide Open Spaces 

Figure 2 – RV Stainless Kitchen 

Fig. 3  Solar Panels On RV Roof

Fig 4  Luxury Paneling and Flooring