Common Types of Engineering Litigation Cases

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Expert Engineering Consultants Come in Many Disciplines

patent infringement, glew engineeringCompanies facing litigation that involves patent infringement or misappropriation of trade secrets should consider hiring an expert engineering consultant to assist with their case.  We can provide litigation support in mechanical or electrical engineering, semiconductor processes, thin films, semiconductor equipment, fiber optics, optics, flow control, metrology, or related technologies.

1.      Patent infringement: A qualified engineering consultant uses qualitative and quantitative data gathering. Further, the engineer may use computer modeling, such as finite element analysis (FEA) to develop proof of patent infringement or bolster a defense against alleged charges in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, radio frequency (RF) engineering, acoustics, and other fields. One of the most accepted methods of determining infringement is to utilize reverse engineering. Through circuit analysis, tear down, process analysis and system analysis, litigation consultants can identify intellectual property disputes based upon a device’s construction and end-use.

2.     Misappropriation of trade secrets: Using reverse engineering feasibility, engineering analysis and reviews of technical information and corporate records, an engineering consultant can address trade secret theft across a variety of industries.

3.     Insurance claims:  The scope if industrial mishaps can be rather large, often in excess of $100 M.  Glew can help identify the cause of the accident, and any negligence involved.

4.     Breach of Contract:  High technology contracts are sometimes difficult to evaluate for breach, or non-performance.  Glew engineers can help you to understand what are standard practices within the industry, the usual meaning of contract terms in the industry, and whether a product or service met the terms of the contract.

Engineering Skills used in Litigation Cases

We bring different skill sets to bear upon the litigation matter.  Some examples follow.

1.      Mechanical engineering:  We can understand, disassemble, test, characterize, document, photograph, and explain how a product does, or does not, infringe a mechanical patent.  We can read many CAD formats, and all of the engineering documentation produced during discovery requests, e.g. DWG, DXF, IGES, and many others.

2.      Electrical engineering: We can understand, disassemble, test, characterize, document, photograph, and explain how a product does, or does not, infringe a mechanical patent.  We can read many CAD formats, and all of the engineering documentation produced during discovery requests, e.g. GDSII, Gerber, SPICE and other files.

3.      Semiconductor processes: Litigation consultants assisting with lawsuits involving semiconductor technology should have experience in process tools & chambers—as well as the design, manufacture and  implementation of semiconductors.  We can read individual process recipes, or entire process routes.  Semiconductor process chambers must be built to specifications in order to ensure the safety of involved personnel and equipment, and a semiconductor expert will gather and present evidence regarding the structural stability and probable failure rates of these processes.

4.     Damages:  Helping clients to evaluate their loss, engineering litigation consultants should be able to assist the economist as needed to quantify economic loss and product devaluation that occurs with trade secret misappropriation. 

5.     Safety engineering: We can help you to understand what are standard practices, industry association guide lines, professional standards, and governmental code that is relevant to the matter.  We can then evaluate whether or not the product or service complied with these practices.

In addition to the appropriate industry expertise, it’s critical to find a litigation consultant who can educate judges and juries about complex processes in a clear, concise manner, without patronizing or talking down to them. At Glew Engineering, our engineers are experts in a variety of high-tech industries, hold numerous patents and have executive experience within the technology sector. But even more importantly, they’re able to deliver written and verbal deposition and witness statements adeptly and respectfully, adapting their delivery to a variety of cultural communication styles.

To schedule a consultation with one of Glew’s expert engineering witnesses, contact our team by phone or email today.


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