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Glew Engineering Consulting provides engineering consulting and engineering services.  Our practice has grown to include highly skilled engineers who specialize in many high technology and fundamental engineering disciplines across multiple industries. Most of our engineers have decades of experience in the Silicon Valley. 

Professional Engineering Consultants

We welcome you to review our site, comb through some of our recent projects, research the bio's of our professional engineers and download the FREE whitepaper, The 8 Critical Questions to Ask Before Hiring An Engineering Firm.

Our engineers, scientists, and consultants are highly innovative, have decades of experience each, and bring with them a large body of technical and business knowledge across many fields. Many of our consultants have multiple patents, published in various publications, have experience giving technical presentations, and have held management positions in industry. These decades of experience with technologies include industries including semiconductor equipment, IC design, EDA, CAD, fiber-optics, telecom/datacom (Telecom, Datacom, and Fiber Optics), photovoltaic cell manufacturing, flat panel dispay, LED manufacturing, as well as general mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.  Our people can help you to design, analyze, and improve your product design, reliability, and your manufacturing processes. 

So if your company needs assistance in mechanical engineering (Mechanical), electrical engineering,(Electrical Engineering), materials science, Computer Aided Design or CAD (CAD), finite element analysis (FEA), EDA (EDA blog), process engineering, equipment engineering, or requires some assistance as an engineering expert in an upcoming trial or arbitration (Litigation Support), our team of Engineering Consultants are professionally trained to meet your business requirements. 

Our engineers' extensive experience allows Glew Engineering to help you in an expedient and efficient manner, even for complex problem.  Contact Glew Engineering today to get your project underway.


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