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The 8 Critical Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Engineering Firm

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Welcome to Glew Engineering

Glew Engineering Consulting provides engineering consulting and engineering services.  Our practice has grown to include highly skilled engineers who specialize in many high technology and fundamental engineering disciplines across multiple industries. Most of our engineers have decades of experience in the Silicon Valley. 

Professional Engineering Consultants

We welcome you to review our site, comb through some of our recent projects, research the bio's of our professional engineers and download the FREE whitepaper, The 8 Critical Questions to Ask Before Hiring An Engineering Firm.

Our engineers, scientists, and consultants are highly innovative, have decades of experience each, and bring with them a large body of technical and business knowledge across many fields. Many of our consultants have multiple patents, published in various publications, have experience giving technical presentations, and have held management positions in industry. These decades of experience with technologies include industries including semiconductor equipment, IC design, EDA, CAD, fiber-optics, telecom/datacom (Telecom, Datacom, and Fiber Optics), photovoltaic cell manufacturing, flat panel dispay, LED manufacturing, as well as general mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.  Our people can help you to design, analyze, and improve your product design, reliability, and your manufacturing processes. 

So if your company needs assistance in mechanical engineering (Mechanical), electrical engineering,(Electrical Engineering), materials science, Computer Aided Design or CAD (CAD), finite element analysis (FEA), EDA (EDA blog), process engineering, equipment engineering, or requires some assistance as an engineering expert in an upcoming trial or arbitration (Litigation Support), our team of Engineering Consultants are professionally trained to meet your business requirements. 

Our engineers' extensive experience allows Glew Engineering to help you in an expedient and efficient manner, even for complex problem.  Contact Glew Engineering today to get your project underway.

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Glew's News Blog Recent Posts

Recently IEEE writer, G. Pascal Zachary, wrote an article, Where are Today’s Engineering Heroes?  This article describes the lack of engineering heroes in today’s society.  Not only is celebrating heroes a good way to inspire young people and inform the public it is also necessary.  The lack of heroes negatively affects engineering because it diminishes the enterprise in...Read More
      While renewable energy sources help to fight the effects of global warming, they do have their drawbacks.  Renewable energy cannot be produced as predictably as plants powered by oil, coal, or natural gas.  Ideally, alternative energy plants would be paired with a huge energy storage system that would store and dispense power.  Stanford School of...Read More
Earlier this spring two separate research projects were building transistors made solely from two-dimensional (2-D) materials.  Argonne National Laboratory researchers described a transparent thin-film transistor (TFT) that they had created in the Nano Letters journal.  They used tungsten diselenide (WSe 2 ) as the semiconducting layer, graphene for the electrodes and hexagonal...Read More
Cadmium chloride is definitely not healthy to be around.  Its cadmium ions are extremely toxic, and can cause heart disease, kidney disorders, and many other health problems.  It is ironic that such a toxic substance is essential for the manufacturing of clean energy: thin-film cadmium telluride solar cells.  University of Liverpool researchers have discovered a way to work...Read More
By the mid 1970s, the only vacuum tubes you could find in western electronics were in certain kinds of specialized equipment.  Currently, vacuum tubes are pretty much a nonexistent technology, but that may change in the future.  Some changes to the fabrication techniques used in integrated circuit design could bring vacuum electronics back.  NASA Ames Research Center has been...Read More
B. Jayant Baliga, originally from the outskirts of Bangalone, India, is this year’s IEEE Medal of Honor recipient.  Science and engineering were a part of Baliga’s life from an early age.  His father, one of India’s preeminent electrical engineers, was chairman and managing director of Bharat Electronics Limited.  Baliga developed his interest in science, especially electrical...Read More
Below is Glew Engineering’s 14 th article in the series on ICs and semiconductor processing.  These articles are written for those that are not technical specialists in the semiconductor field.  Below we highlight some of the crucial inventions that lead to the common integrated circuit. Many of the devices that make up today’s integrated circuits were invented long before the...Read More