Solar Powered RV : Extended Travel

Solar Powered RV – Imagine a Trip

Solar Powered RV – Imagine a trip around the country with no budget for fuel! Yes, this is possible now thanks to this impressive motorhome. The RV company has done something people couldn’t even dream of with this Iveco Daily Electric chassis. The Solar Powered RV is perfectly capable of offering you off-grid status. There are solar panels installed, not only on the roof but on each side as well, in total 334 square feet of thin-film solar panels which can deliver up to 3,000 watts of energy. And you don’t even need a charging station!

For the Solar Powered RV – the 228-Ah sodium-nickel-chloride battery, can get you, with all the fittings inside the RV just over 100 miles before letting it recharge. The battery is good for approximately 1,500 charges or about 250,000 km. The RV is not only a house on wheels with some solar panels it is an actual e-home! It has driver assistance technology, smart windows and even an awesome system of heating that will literally make your life a whole lot easier, especially on the road. So this is the perfect vehicle for traveling around the country without worries!

In recent years, the subject of fuel and cars emitting greenhouse gases are the forefront of the media and environmental activists as one of the worst man-made producers of gases that have negative impacts on the environment. Well, this is no more. This new RV designed by Dethleffs does not need any fuel to run and nor does it need plugging in every few hundred kilometers as it doesn’t rely on charging points or gas so there are no toxic gases emitted. How is this possible?

Solar Powered RV : No Need of Charging Stations

Solar powered RV transportation industry is turned on its head by taking two of the most basic essentials—the driving experience and fuel—out of the equation entirely. Self-driving vehicles and rechargeable technology is changing the landscape of driving.
That market is expanding beyond everyday vehicles with advances in things like electric-powered semi trucks.
And we’ve seen the rise (and possible peak) of the tiny home market, where solar panels and other green technology is often utilized.
But motorhomes have largely left out of this discussion. Solar powered RV’s are the next big thing
That’s for understandable reasons. A vehicle synonymous with the wide-open road (and, inherently at odds with the idea of frequent EV charging stations) has no obvious place in the electric market.
Until now. Solar Powered RV, Totally Ugly ?

How Will It Look

Solar Powered RV, while most would think this idea would cause a bulky heap of an RV, it’s actually not. On the outside it just looks like a futuristic RV, very streamlined, not too different to a standard one. The inside also provides a life of luxury for the owner. A good modern design, sleek fittings and a starlight feature above the alcove bed all contribute to a great motorhome. Take a look at the images above. The only thing left to say is where can I pick one up?

The RV home utilizes Victron Energy products for the solar kit, including solar charge controllers, an inverter/charger for AC electricity. To charge the lithium batteries, ancillaries, and a DC-DC converter to supply charge stations for phones, laptops and the like. The motorhome also features a sleek and modern design; circular wireless charging station; infrared heating panels on interior floors, furniture and walls; windows with darkening film between the panes; and a heating system that captures outside air on days warmer then 79 degrees, then sends it into the main cabin when the evening’s cooler air sets in.

Solar Powered RV Something More

Solar Powered RV – Oh yeah—and a starlight projection system over the alcove bed.
This means a lot more than just putting bodywork on an electrically driven chassis.
By implementing a fully electric powertrain there are many challenges and equally opportunities for the entire vehicle.
One significant opportunity is to do without any additional type of energy sources for the vehicle.
This means that a motorhome with electric drive will also supply all the onboard services with electricity for the living area instead of gas, for example – and that is why solar power production becomes very important. No word yet on pre-orders or estimated cost, but this is absolutely an exciting step in the right direction.

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