Engineers Add New Updates to Medical Advances – 2019


Pharmacogenomic testing determines patients' genetic makeup to tailor prescribed medical treatments based on individual drug metabolism. Pharmacogenomic testing, for example, can determine how patients will respond to opioid therapy, potentially decreasing opioid abuse.

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Engineers Develop Awesome Ways Drones Can Be Used


With their growing presence in the media, their potential is becoming recognized more and more. They can be used for reasons other than spying and warfare. People are now using drones in many awesome ways.

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Part 3 Engineers Develop Exoskeleton for Babies and Children


Infants with conditions such as CP lack the muscle strength, postural control, and motor coordination necessary for these early exploratory limb and trunk movements to result in locomotion.

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Engineers Develop “Iron Man” Suits – Coming to Factory Floors


Full-body exoskeletons will give workers super strength. What’s the most important things for people to know about the full-body exoskeleton, which can turn an assembly-line worker into a superhero?   Engineers have been working on this wearable robotics technology since 2000, when engineers began cobbling together experimental super-soldier suits for the U.S. Military. A 2010 prototype, which enabled the wearer to punch through wooden boards, earned the nickname “Iron-Man Suit” in the homage to the high-tech gear in the eponymous comic book and movies. But that bulky version kept the user tethered to the wall by a power cord, something that would [...]

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Part 2: Business Engineers : 7 Things to Consider, Before Investing in a Personal Robot


So you’ve made the decision, robotics process automation (RPA) is for your business. You’ve winnowed down a list of suitable vendors and are ready to start some serious shopping. Great. But before you plunge right in, there are some final things to consider.  The following is a list of questions for would-be buyers to which they should give serious thought to before moving forward. They range from the existential — what role will your employees play as RPA expands within your organization? To the practical, such as training time frames. 1. RPA Tool Selection is Less Important Than You Think [...]

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Engineers Develop Personal Robots – New Age


Engineers Say Personal Robotics Will Become an Important New Category in Family Lives  I have the idea of a “sociable” robot—one that people can have relatively natural interactions with—has been the lore of science fiction for decades. From Lost in Space to Star Wars to WallE and beyond, interactive robotic machines have been the stuff of our creative imagination for some time. In 2019, however, I believe we will start to see more practical implementations of personal robotics devices from several major tech vendors. While several companies have tried, and failed to bring personal robotics mainstream in the recent [...]

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Part 2: Self-driving Cars Expand the Fight Over Airwaves


Engineers Say Public is Hungry for More Wi-Fi Capacity, the telecom industry is looking to snatch control of underutilized airwaves reserved for the auto industry. But this is coming just as carmakers begin to make progress on developing and adopting technologies for connected and autonomous cars that currently rely on that spectrum. The Big Picture: Tech and telecom companies have been fighting for years over spectrum to support exploding demand for mobile services and smartphones. Automakers have had exclusive access to a band of spectrum for almost 20 years but haven't done much with it, prompting telecom [...]

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Part 1: Mechanical Engineers Say Driverless Cars are the “New Talk of the Town”


Major giants inside the automobile industry have already show cased few of their self-driving car technology and many car companies aim to roll out production vehicles with driverless capabilities by 2020. In just a few years, industry experts expect fully autonomous vehicles to follow the trendThe implications autonomous driving will have on insurance matters and legal outcomes of accidents is just one grey area to be explored as we move towards a more automated future. Experts are making some big claims about the future impacts of driverless cars. Before they arrive, check out the comprehensive pros and cons list.  [...]

Part 1: Mechanical Engineers Say Driverless Cars are the “New Talk of the Town”2019-09-13T15:16:56-07:00

Part 2 – Mechanical Engineers Recommend 7 Features on ‘New Age” Refrigerators


Mechanical Engineers Update Tomorrow’s Refrigerator: Here are Your Choices  Black Board Models  Black board models are ideal for young families. Shopping list, school timetable and forthcoming doctors' appointments – all readily visible because they are stuck to the door of a refrigerator using fridge magnets. A black board fridge-freezer is a more stylish way of displaying your messages and reminders as you can write directly on the door using school chalk or liquid chalk markers. The black board material makes it easy to wipe away the writing.      2.    Glass Fronts New fridge models are doing away with [...]

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Mechanical Engineers Say Proper Ventilation is Crucial for Your Small Business


Engineers Explain How Good Ventilation Helps Your Business We’ll start with a fact that often startles people: (indoor air quality is a major health threat in the country).  According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the air quality inside buildings is often 3 to 4 times worse than the air outside. This goes against what most people think air pollution is like— fumes from cars and smoke stacks casting dark clouds over cities.  Heavy wall insulation, tightly fitted, non-opening windows ( Window Efficiency ), and commercial synthetic carpeting in modern buildings allows for the rapid build-up of contaminants inside without the chance [...]

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Mechanical Engineers Recommend Home Drainage – Winter Months are Coming !


How Do Engineers Handle Rainwater? Engineers can help with proper fitting of gutters, or eaves troughs as they are called in some parts of the country. They are an important part of the drainage system around your house.  If yours are nonexistent, in poor condition, or improperly placed on your house, they could be causing problems and putting your home at risk of water damage. Gutters need to be installed properly so that they catch the water coming off your roof and channel it away from your house and its foundation.  Your eaves troughs should have a downward slope [...]

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Engineers Develop Ways to Ventilate Your Home


Why ventilate? For centuries homes weren’t ventilated, and they did all right, didn’t they? Why do we need to go to all this effort (and often considerable expense) to ventilate houses today?  Engineers have developed several reasons that ventilation is more important today than it was long ago. Most importantly, houses 100 years ago were leaky. Usually they didn’t have insulation in the walls, so fresh air could easily enter through all the gaps, cracks, and holes in the building envelope., the building materials used 100 years ago were mostly natural products that didn’t result in significant off gassing [...]

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Cars


Up and Coming Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Automotive Use If you haven’t heard about hydrogen and fuel cells before, then now is your chance. These technologies are bursting on to the scene and can solve some of the biggest problems in energy ranging from commercial buildings to transportation. While most people are more familiar with solar, wind and battery power, keep your eye on these up-and-coming technologies that could add to our nation’s diverse energy mix. Here Are A Few Things to Know About Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. Electric cars can run on batteries, hydrogen, solar, or any source [...]

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Semiconductor Industry Growth Continues


  Worldwide semiconductor revenue hit and all-time-record of $120.8B in Q2 2018, which represents an almost 4.5% quarter over quarter growth. More Integrated Circuits are being put into traditional products, such as enterprise data storage units and smart phones. Now cars, refrigerators, and a whole host of Internet of Things, are integrating chip sets into their products as well. Memory dominates chip production and usage, and has helped to keep Samsung in its leadership position. (Record Fab Spending) Samsung Remains the Number One Semiconductor Manufacturer Samsung posed Q218 revenue of $19.2B and Intel came in at $16.7B. Uncertainty at [...]

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Six Innovative Wind Turbines


In this article we will review a few new wind turbine designs that are ready to advance the state of wind energy technology.  With refined technology, engineers have developed new devices that are more efficient, work in low wind conditions, can use wind and water energy, and safer for birds.  These problems provide abundant opportunity for solving design problems for mechanical engineers.  Energy storage, battery technology, and the strength of turbine blades provides copious challenges for materials scientists.  Renewable energy capacity around the globe has eclipsed coal power for the first time ever. Wind power makes up a large percentage of [...]

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