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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Analysis of Pipe

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

A finite element analysis of a pipe as the pipe restraint is tightened shows how the stresses develop in a pipe.  This was a mechanical event simulation (MES), in which we were able to watch the stresses grow as the clamp tightened.  The uni-strut is shown, but the pipe hangers are hidden for ease of viewing.  This analysis was performed without heating.  Other analysis were performed with heating, and the results compared.  

The first figure shows the distance that the clamp was tightened to induce the stresses, represented by the motion of a node in the matrix.  The second figure shows the stresses that are induced after the clamp was tightened.  

An important aspect in stress analysis is to understand when a part is under compressive or tensile stress.  Some materials have different properties or strength in compression or tension.  Most know that concrete has reinforcing bars, known as re-bar.  The reason is that concrete is strong in compression, but not tension.  The Romans understood the strength of a dome which keeps most of itself in compression.   Materials that are isotropic have the same properties in all directions, and those that do not are anisotropic.  Another example of this phenomenon are the class of materials known as polymers.


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Engineering and Litigation Projects

The Glew Engineering Consulting team has assisted in numerous engineering and litigation projects for many clients.  Nearly all are confidential and can't be disclosed due to non disclosure agreements and protective orders.  However, we have one example below, and hope to have more available later.

Finite Element

Decades of work in electronics, materials science, mechanical machinery, and semiconductor technology has provided Glew consultants not only with a depth of knowledge and advanced technical skills, but also with valuable experience that they utilize every case. We also provide advanced modeling and finite element analysis capabilities for all applications.

Below is a representative project:

Thermal Analysis of a Semiconductor Chamber by Finite Element Analysis: Conduction, Convection and Radiation