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Solar Concentrators & Steam Turbines


Poised to play a critical role in the country’s energy crisis, solar (or radiant) energy is a sustainable, carbon-free alternative to problematic fossil fuels. And while the theories behind solar energy are not new, the technology is becoming more refined.

Solar Engineer

The biggest barrier to solar energy use is its cost. In order to make it cost-effective, solar cells must become cheaper—or provide investors with more bang for their buck by generating more power per cell. Solar Engineers, Glew EngineeringFortunately, nanocrystal-based technologies and upgraded photovoltaic thin film are making it easier to harness the sun’s power and convert it into electricity. This is done largely through solar concentrators—which direct the sun’s extreme temperatures along a focal line. Most commonly, this harnessed heat boils water into steam—which feeds into a turbine and generates electricity.

Cutting-edge solar concentrators are increasing the energy production created by legacy silicon PV systems by transforming the energy for silicon absorption—without the need for lenses, reflective surfaces or tracking devices. These new systems are a vast improvement over legacy PV systems, since they incorporate circuit designs and other technology to improve energy production and make solar power more affordable.

The newest, most efficient solar cells tested by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory outproduce older systems by 20 percent or more. As this new generation of solar concentrators is perfected, it can be retrofitted into existing solar applications-like roofing panels and PV window coatings. In addition, the technology should soon be available for commercial applications in a variety of markets.

Consulting Engineers

At Glew Engineering, we realize that solar power plays a critical role in the future of sustainable energy. The energy experts at Glew provide consulting assistance for photovoltaic research, finite element analysis, modeling services and more. Call today to schedule a consultation or inquire about our finite element modeling of stress analysis and heat transfer, together with expertise in high voltage, power, turbine control, boilers, and heat exchangers.  

For more information on Glew Engineering Consulting visit the Glew Engineering website, blog or call 800-877-5892 or 650-641-3019. 


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Linear v Novellus (Semiconductor Equipment)


After 8 long years, Novellus finally rid itself of the lawsuit with Linear Technology. Irell and Manella LLP, for whom Glew Engineering has worked in the past, took no prisoners in the unanimous jury verdict announced yesterday in favor of their client Novellus.  The jury consisted of 12 men and women in Santa Clara, CA, the heart of the silicon valley.  Certainly good news for Novellus' legal team, as well as their bottom line. Congratulation to Jonathan Kagan Esq. and his colleagues.  Now both sides can get back to what they do best - making chips and chip equipment.

Novellus' also shipped their 1000th Vector PECVD tool in February? Considering the tool's throughput and uptime, there may be as many chips out there by now with Novellus' dielectric films as those of any semiconductor equipment manufacturer. See the details at:


Semiconductor Equipment, Glew Engineering

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